Use a Crypto Payment Portal

Crypto payment gateways can be used by e-commerce businesses that are crypto-based to accept payments. Asia Broadband is one such company that has launched an online payment processing solution that enables cryptocurrency transactions. PayAABB is an online payment gateway that integrates with eCommerce stores and allows merchants to accept digital currency payments. If you have any kind of queries about where and also how you can make use of cryptocurrency payment gateway, you possibly can e mail us with our own webpage.

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While there are plenty of payment gateways that allow you to accept Bitcoin, there are also many that only support Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, many payment gateways support a variety of other coins. CoinGate, for example, is a great choice if you are using Ethereum or Litecoin. Others cryptocurrency payment gateways might only accept Bitcoin. However, this is not an issue for most businesses.

All transactions are subject to a flat 1% transaction fee by Coinbase It’s affordable, even for those who have a low budget. It’s also very easy to use and supports most countries. Coinbase is the preferred choice for merchants.


Coingate allows customers to buy cryptocurrency online through a secure payment gateway. Customers can choose between 70 digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. The customer’s order will be marked as “paid” after payment is verified via the bitcoin network. There are no upfront fees for customers using this platform, although customers must pay 8% to buy currencies using a credit card.

CoinGate is an fintech company that is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. There are many options available for setting up cryptocurrency payments. These include API integration, permission-based account management and official plugins for ecommerce platforms. The company also offers a range of payment options for merchants, including a point-of-sale (POS) software and hardware terminals. You can also use QR codes.


PayAABB, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment gateway, is extremely simple to integrate into any site. It can be integrated into any website with no additional hardware or software and is compatible on all major operating systems. It supports many payment methods including SMS, email and QR codes. It is compatible with loyalty programs.

PayAABB has minimal transaction fees, and doesn’t require approval from third parties. It is an excellent option for businesses looking to accept crypto payments. The gateway can be used on all operating systems. Asia Broadband Inc. developed it, with the vision of becoming a global standard in exchange. It recently launched an exchange and wallet for cryptocurrency, as well as a new gateway for crypto payments to merchants.


Remitano is a secure and simple way for merchants accepting crypto payments. It is free of transaction fees and has minimal cost. There is also 24/7 online support. This payment gateway allows customers deposit coins instantly, and merchants can instantly receive payment. Merchants who use Remitano can earn up to 40% in referral commissions and enjoy the convenience of instant payments.

First, you need to deposit with a supported cryptocurrency in order to use the Remitano product range. To deposit, users will need to mouse click the following post on the Binance Coin deposit icon. Then, they will need to copy the Binance Coin address into an external BNB wallet. In case you have any sort of concerns relating to where and ways to use asia broadband, you could call us at our own web site.

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