Which Wholesale Marketplace is Right For Your Business?

There are many choices when it comes to finding a wholesale market. eWorldTrade (handshake), Global Sources (global sources), and Made-In China are all great options. Each has its strengths but also their weaknesses. How to choose the best one for you business. First, size and reach should be considered when looking for a wholesale market. It is better to have a large market with a large buyer pool than a smaller one. However, a small marketplace will slow down your sales and lead to missed deadlines. In case you have any issues concerning wherever and also how you can make use of Gobiz Usa, you can call us with the page.


eWorldTrade is one of the leading B2B wholesale marketplaces that provide millions of trading opportunities. With its user-friendly interface and countless categories and sub-categories, the site has everything to offer both buyers and sellers of goods. Buyers and sellers can find more a wide range of goods to choose from, and sellers can find more high-quality products with a click of a mouse. eWorldTrade has outstanding membership options and offers round-the-clock support for both sellers and buyers.


Made-In-China wholesale marketplace allows suppliers from Asia to trade their goods. The products are available for buyers to inspect before they purchase. You need to be careful not to buy knockoffs or fake brands because wholesalers sell the products. Yiwu Market is one of China’s most popular marketplaces. Baima Costume Market is another. Be aware, however, that these marketplaces have higher turnover than Yiwu Market.

Which Wholesale Marketplace is Right For Your Business? 1

Sources Global

Global Sources, a trusted sourcing platform, is the right choice for you. Global Sources, which has 1.5 million registered buyers and sellers, includes top Amazon sellers is one the largest wholesale marketplaces. The company also hosts trade shows throughout the world including the largest electronics sourcing event in the world. Global Sources was founded in 1971 as a trade magazine. It has more than 49 years of experience working in wholesale trade.


Shopify and Handshake are integrated, allowing you to create a seamless customer experience. Handshake is a platform that allows merchants to sell wholesale products. Shopify users have the ability to manage their products via Handshake. The admin of Shopify will be able to manage and add Handshake products, either in bulk or individually. Handshake allows Shopify users to specify product categories and pricing structures, as well as set the minimum order amount and number of items sold per order.


The Wholesale Marketplace, an ecommerce platform owned and operated by Amazon allows third-party sellers the opportunity to sell alongside Amazon’s existing products. This lets Amazon expand its product offerings without investing in additional inventory. These third-party sellers keep their inventory and ship orders on Amazon’s behalf from their warehouse. They are also issued the “Ships From and Sold by Amazon” badge, and the products are shipped from fulfillment centers. For sellers, this option is highly beneficial, but it does take time to take off. In case you have any questions relating to where and ways to make use of Gobiz Usa Bulk Shopping, you can contact us at the site.

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