Things to keep in mind when planning your wedding in India and Australia

Whether you are in love with the idea of a destination wedding or are planning a small ceremony in the comfort of your home, you are sure to have many questions. Here are some things to keep in mind: traditions, customs, cost, and venues. This will help you make the planning process as smooth as possible. Find the answers to all your questions by reading on. Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. When you have any kind of concerns relating to in which as well as the best way to make use of Asian Wedding Photography, you are able to email us with the web site.


The Hindu tradition of marrying begins with the elders, who ask for the union. They discuss the bride‚Äôs inheritance and her lineage for seven generations. Next, the intended bride and groom meet with the bride’s parents to discuss their lineage. After the elders have approved the union, the couple can get married. Understanding Indian wedding traditions is crucial.

Chinese culture is famous for its bizarre wedding traditions. One of the most unique is the practice of shooting the bride with an arrow. The family of the groom gathered one week before the wedding for a discussion about the marriage proposal. The groom and bride would then face each other after agreeing on a marriage proposal. The groom would then take the arrows and break them with an arch. Interestingly, the groom could only shoot his bride once in his lifetime.


There are many customs associated with weddings. Modern wedding traditions are being combined with traditional rituals by many couples these days. Australia is one of the countries where couples prepare for their wedding at least a year in advance. A majority of the culture is Catholic. This means that young people get married in the church. The wedding ceremony is often followed by a gift exchange where guests give the couple a list.

One of the most famous of these customs is the giving of the bride’s talit to her future husband. This talit represents protection and an aura around a groom. Men also wear a special hat called the kippah, or yamaka. This is a very important accessory for Jewish weddings. Guests may also wear the bride’s talit.

Things to keep in mind when planning your wedding in India and Australia 1


In the past, all costs for a wedding were covered by the bride’s family. This was especially true of dowry payments for similar internet page daughters, which were made to increase their appeal to prospective suitors. In recent years, however, the dowry system was abandoned as women increasingly take an active role, both in the relationships and in earning their money. Couples today have to make tough financial decisions and suffer the consequences.

One option for couples is to finance the wedding themselves, using their savings. They can choose exactly what they want, and what is feasible within their budget. They can also have greater control over all aspects of the wedding and incorporate their family’s funds. This makes it an unforgettable experience. In addition, many couples are unsure of how to pay for wedding expenses, and Bishop advises couples to use their existing savings during the planning process.


Consider many factors when choosing the right location for your wedding. The average wedding price, the length of the venue’s existence, its reputation, and the packages and services it offers are all important factors to consider. Marketing is vital in the wedding business. It allows you to attract more customers and keeps them coming back. Good wedding venue managers will also keep in mind other events.

A museum or art gallery is an alternative venue for a wedding. These locations often have unique ambiance and allow you to customize your wedding with a touch of personality. A location within the city is also an option, as you can capture photos against an architectural background. You might consider a museum or art galleries for small gatherings. They are usually smaller and more intimate, so guests will need to be mindful.

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