My Facebook Artist Page Got Unpublished. What To Do?

My Facebook artist page got unpublished. My Facebook artist web page got unpublished. This makes zero sense to me cause all I post is updates on my music. New releases, previews, some studio footage etc. I’m not pretending to be anyone else whatsoever. I appealed on June 11th but it’s August 1st now and I have yet to hear anything, so not anticipating much anymore. Will there be anything else I can do?

Or some way to get hold of Facebook about any of it? Or am I gonna have to produce a new page, that i will most likely not. Here’s the secret to talk to a individual at Facebook: go to your ads manager, and look for the advertisements support contact and get their ads support to either call of chat with you.

Oddly enough no one can help you when you have issues, but you’ll get all the assist in the world of you want to spend ad money. Anyways, you get as hold of support once, inform them you want to boost some posts but your web page has been unpublished and you believe it was made by mistake.

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They want your advertisement money. It may not get your web page released but at least it’ll get the a couple of human eyes to have a look at your page. That’s actually a good idea. I’ll definitely try that! Appreciate the tip and I’ll let you know how it will go. That’s some shit man. Sadly, we cannot help really. The question: what’s Zuckerbergs secret phonenumber, we cannot answer. Cannot answer after 100 people came to your subreddit Still.

I looked at your page and I dont see anything suspicious. What if you record the other page and explain that might be a mixup? I am aware you guys can’t do any more than I could. Just thought there might be people here who got the same problem and first got it set.

I figured my web page would be invisible after getting unpublished but I assume it’s not if you could actually look at it. I do know about the band with the same name and also you could definitely be right about that. It makes more sense than anything else I can think of I suppose.

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