They’re Determined To Economically Cripple People

The draconian Tory sanctions regime has come under fireplace in a November 2016 record by the National Audit Office (NAO). The findings of the NAO record reiterate the damning results of previous reports into the draconian Tory sanctions regime. Quite simply: The sanctions routine is terribly designed, administered and ineffective unfairly. In other words: The sanctions regime is not being consistently applied.

It’s fundamentally a postcode lottery of something where some Jobcentres and private contractors apply sanctions for the most trivial of reasons, while some are much less trigger-happy about tossing people into overall destitution. In other words: The draconian Tory sanctions regime is dependant on ideology, not evidence. Quite simply: The Tories are terrified of evidence being uncovered that their draconian sanctions routine is counter-productive, so they refuse to support evidence structured research into the outcomes of their procedures.

In other words: The Tories don’t provide a damn whether their draconian sanctions regime actually costs the taxpayer money. They’re determined to financially cripple people, for the most trivial of reasons often, it doesn’t matter how much this vindictiveness costs the taxpayer in the long-run. Quite simply: Whether a person is impoverished with a benefit sanction depends on the attitudes of the people making the sanction decision as much it does on the actual behaviour of the person being thrown into poverty! In response to the damning statement the Tories and their DWP minions came out with a predictable pack of lies.

A DWP spokesperson claimed that sanctions “are just ever used as a final holiday resort after people neglect to do what’s asked of them in substitution for benefits” which is a demonstrable lay. Sanctioned for failing to complete a fitness for work evaluation due to presenting a heart attack through the interview. Sanctioned for not following a job explore Christmas Day. Sanctioned because the queue at the Jobcentre took such a long time that the appointment time was missed, though the claimant arrived in the required time even.

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Sanctioned for nine weeks for lacking a Jobcentre session due to suffering a coronary attack earlier in the day. Sanctioned for lacking an appointment credited to being in hospital along with his wife who had just had a stillborn child. Sanctioned for four weeks for being five minutes to a scheduled appointment late. Sanctioned for four weeks to be 9 minutes late to a scheduled appointment. Sanctioned for thirteen weeks for the “crime” of not wasting an employers’ time through the use of for employment that the claimant knew they didn’t have the skills to do. Year old veteran sanctioned for offering poppies for a few hours each day A 60.

One of the below-the-line feedback on the Guardian coverage of the NAO survey perfectly exemplified the vindictive evidence-free mentality of individuals who continue to support the draconian Tory sanctions program. A commentator contacting himself Danny Sutherland said “I would hope sanctions aren’t about saving money, but about getting people out of bed”. In a single short sentence this guy sums up several things that are incorrect with the vindictive Tory mentality.

It doesn’t take much brain capacity to understand that far from being an incentive to get out of bed, absolute destitution is an enormous impediment to energetic job searching. Imagine a person is left with no money whatever to pay for food, heating, transportation costs, cleaning of clothes or even a haircut, do these conditions mean that they would become more more likely to find work really? Or would they actually become more likely to make an effort to stay warm and expend only a small amount energy as you possibly can by staying in bed? The reason why the politics establishment like to deliberately keep a percentage of the workforce unemployed is that full employment allows employees to demand higher wages and better working conditions.

If there are plenty of jobs for all those, then people can just move on to a better job if they feel they are being underpaid or exploited in their current job. The severe benefits sanctions routine can be seen within the plan of stoking even more fear in the labor force. The NAO survey helps it be clear that the Tories don’t care about how exactly much the sanctions program costs the taxpayer.

It also helps it be clear that they don’t really provide a jot in what the actual real life consequences are for people who get swept up in the sanctions routine. The Tories don’t care about these things because the sanctions routine isn’t about saving money or encouraging visitors to find work whatever.

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