Gevo Reports Successful Production of Isobutanol at its Luverne Facil
Gevo, Inc., one of the leading renewable chemicals and next-generation biofuels company, reported on the progress being made at its Luverne, Minn. facility.

“We are pleased with the progress to date in our initial startup campaign,” said CEO Patrick Gruber, Ph.D. “We’ve shown that we can successfully ferment isobutanol in large (250,000 gallon) commercial fermenters, isolate the product and get it into tanks and railcars. The learnings gained in achieving this milestone are enormous and further derisk our technology. I have to give credit to our team at Luverne, including our employees, the ICM team and all of our contractors for their hard work in overcoming so many obstacles to get this far in such a short period of time.”

“The initial isobutanol we produced is what we’d expect from startup. We will use some of the isobutanol produced at Luverne to further shake down our finishing systems. We will also prepare some isobutanol for shipment to customers such as Sasol or others.”

“As previously described, we plan to be in the start-up/learning mode of operation most of 2012. We still have a lot of work to do: improve plant reliability, improve yields, improve throughput and improve quality. With any new technology there is a lot to learn. We have made great progress so far, and I expect our team to continue to deliver – knocking down issues as they arise.”

Source: Specialchem4polymers

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