Aemetis Granted Patent by USPTO for Production of Biochemicals

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Aemetis, Inc., an industrial biotechnology company producing advanced fuels and renewable chemicals, announced recently that the company was awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) titled “Plant Wall Degradative Compounds and Systems”, and issued the patent number 8,173,787.

This patent relates to cell wall degradative systems, containing enzymes that bind to and/or depolymerize cellulose. With this award, Aemetis has 4 awarded patents, 7 filed patents, and 4 licensed patents. Aemetis’ biotechnologies will enable the production of advanced fuels and industrial chemicals using sugar and starch feedstock.

“This patent further protects the efficient production of advanced fuels and biochemicals”, stated Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis. “We expect to continually grow our patent portfolio as additional technologies are converted into issued patents.”

Source: specialchem4polymers

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