PolyLactic Acid Fibers from minifibers

Here is a short note on Minifiber activities in bioplastics:

PolyLactic Acid (PLA) fibers are used to achieve the following properties:

- biodegradability
- flexural strength
- improved wicking
- increased bulk
- odor control
- porosity control
- reduced shrinkage
- reinforcement
- tear resistance
- thermal bonding
- UV stability

Our precision cut PolyLactic Acid (PLA) fibers are available in the following varieties:

Denier per Filament 1.3
Length : 0.5mm and longer

Technical data: http://www.minifibers.com/techdata/TD-17.pdf
MSDS: http://www.minifibers.com/MSDS/MSDS_PLA.pdf

A lot of literature on fibers is available on line:

Online Textile Dictionary
Common Measurement Conversions
Comparison of Fiber Properties
Fiber Facts
The Craft of Cutting Fiber
Choosing the Proper Short Cut Fiber for Your Web
Dispersion of Synthetic Fibers in Wet-Lay Nonwovens
How Synthetic Fiber Processing Technology Affects the Quality of the Web

Fybrel Wet Lap Fibrillated Polyolefin Pulps:
Cecklist for Using Fybrel Fibrillated Polyolefin Pulps
The Function of Fibrillated Synthetic Pulp in Disposable Diapers
Fybrel Fibrillated Synthetic Fibers for Vinyon Replacement
The Technology of Fybrel Fibrillated Synthetic Fiber in Fiber Cement
Polyester Short Cut Fibers:
Advantages of Using Polyester in Stucco and Concrete

Rayon Short Cut Fibers:
Rayon Statement of Environmental Responsibility

Short Stuff Fluffed & Dried Fibrillated Polyolefin Pulps:
Short Stuff Fibrillated Synthetic Pulps brochure
Advantages of Using Short Stuff in Cultured Marble

Suggested applications for all kind of fibers :

- Battery separator papers
- Body compounds
- Brake and clutch linings
- Clear tank linings
- Air, oil, and fuel filtration papers
- Gaskets
- Molded interior parts
- Tire sealants
- Undercoatings

Building Materials
- Block Fillers
- Bonders
- Caulks
- Cements
- Cultured marble
- Flooring materials
- Grouts
- Marine coatings
- Mortars
- Protective coatings
- Roof coatings
- Roofing materials
- Sealants
- Storage tank linings
- Stucco
- Textured coatings

- Automotive air, oil, and fuel filtration papers
- Blood filtration papers
- Clean room filtration
- Food filtration products
- Heavy industrial equipment filtration papers
- Milk and potable water filtration papers
- Recycled water filtration papers
- Water filtration cartridges

Paving Materials
- Asphalt
- Epoxy Adhesive
- Concrete Slabs
- Overlays
- Pavement sealers
- Sports surfaces

Medical / Hygiene
- Absorbent top sheets
- Bandages
- Blood filtration papers
- Clean room filtration
- Disposable diapers
- Disposable incontinent products
- Surgical drapes
- Vacuum cleaner bags

Specialty Papers
- Alkaline battery papers
- Art papers
- Artificial leather covers
- Electrical papers
- Filtration papers (see Filtration)
- Heat sealing papers
- Recyclable labels for plastic containers
- Sandpaper backing
- Vinyl floor backing
- Wallpaper backing
- Watermark writing papers

Other Uses
- Apparel inner linings
- Artificial snow
- Audio speaker cones
- Drapery headers
- Refractory products
- Rubber reinforcement
- Sponges
- Vinyl ester resins

See more at http://www.minifibers.com/index.html

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