Les premiers élastomères thermoplastiques biodégradables

Voici une annonce des plus intéressantes faite par Schulman lors des journées de l’innovation du CFP sur les Nouveaux élastomères le 31 MARS 2009 à DIJONa-programme-ji-310309
Les premiers élastomères thermoplastiques biodégradables

Projet Bio 1
Objectif:Développement d’une nouvelle famille de thermoplastiques biodégradable de faible dureté
Période de recherche:début 2007 -Avril 2008
Matériau :APINAT A (Échelle de dureté: 65 -85 Sh A)

Objectif:Développement et production de l’APIBioplastics
Période de recherche:Mai 2008 -Dec. 2009
Matériau attendu :Nouveau type d’APINAT

Voir les sites internets de Schulman et d’apiplastic

Voir aussi cette déclaration
the Apinat biodegradable compound, claimed to be the first soft TPE material that is environmentally friendly. “It has generated much interest in the footwear industry and we are currently running trials with several customers,” said Export Manager Piergiorgio Biscuola. However, with the EUR6.50/kg price tag, it is targeted at branded footwear manufacturing. issue de http://www.moretto.com/company_moretto/editorial/2008/p32%20n%20Italian.pdf

Ainsi que

Fakuma was the showcase for the launch of the first biodegradable soft plastic according to UNI EN 14046.

The Italian compounder API – Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali, presented its new Apinat A range of soft thermoplastic compounds that are biodegradable according to European Standard UNI EN 14046:2003 under controlled composting conditions.

A sample of material subjected to testing proved to be biodegradable in compost after 77 days of incubation, exhibiting an average biodegradability greater than 90%.

The material is available with four different Shore A hardnesses, from 65 to 83, for extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding, and overmoulding applications. The compounds are completely recyclable as standar thermoplastic materials.

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