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Who are we, why this site?

Welcome on “bioplastic innovation”,


“Bioplastic innovation” is related to bio-polymer and bio-composites commercial solutions and fundamental research.

Our objective is to help understand bioplastic trends & innovations and thus accelerate those innovations. In addition, this site helps detect new trends, watch for new technologies, support your market intelligence activities and new ideas generation thanks to:

• News on commercially available polymers and compounds
• Fundamental, technical and market-oriented public data

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“bioplastic innovation” blog is a non profit unique source of shared information. In addition to background elements (benefits and possibilities of the use of bioplastics) current news are also collected on green chemistry, industrial biotechnology, biorefineries, investments, market data, policy framework, research and developments …. !


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Violette Bourg
Frédéric Chivrac
Vincent Berthé

10 Responses to Who are we, why this site?

  1. Dear Bioplastic Innovations,

    I wish to subscribe to your Bioplastgic Innovations and receive emails. When I enter my email address to get your newsletter,
    nothing happens because I am not able to activate.

    I have tried to log-in by different routes but without success.
    Please respond with log-in information so that I can subscribe
    and receive your newsletters.

    Thank you,

    Ron Schotland
    Email: ronschotland@yahoo.com

  2. Please post the following announcement in your Agenda:

    28-3-2012 /
    BioPlastek 2012 Forum: Bioplastics Today and Tomorrow

    March 28-30 2012
    Westin Gateway, Arlington, Virginia, USA

    Tel: +1 (609) 466-9191

    Organizer: Ron Schotland

  3. sir
    Iam planting Bamboos and growing in Tamilnadu. we have moderate growing in 100 acres and we can easily source materials of Bamboo
    we need partners in India
    in Tamil nadu
    i can give place facilities of power etc
    we needa funding partner to process Bamboo fiber

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Bioplastic Innovations,

    I wish to subscribe to your Bioplastgic Innovations and receive emails. .

    Thank you,

    Henry Kim

  5. Violette Bourg says:

    Dear M Henry Kim,

    Thanks for your interest in our blog “bioplastic-innovation”. To follow it and receive emails each time we publish a new article, click on the “I subscribe” box on the right of the home web page.

    Best regards,

    The bioplastic-innovation team

  6. AQUA NAIDA says:

    We are a New Zealand water company (Aqua Naida Limited) that has recently launched an initiative in PLA plant bottles and resin, we have invested into the establishment of a quality control and international supply structure from China to our plants and customer base in the hotel and retail industry.

    The key issue around introducing PLA plant materials into the bottled water industry appears to be the lack of infrastructure in recycling plant material accross the board, i.e. there seems to be no standardisation in how plant material utilised in bio plastics can be recycled effectlvely. In many cases it disrupts the PET recycling process when PLA bottles are inadvertently mixed with PET in recycling centers.

    Are there any initiatives being developed to recycle or effectively consolidate and compost biodegradable plant material products?

    Regards and thank you
    Aqua Naida Limited PLA Dpt.

  7. Vincent Berthé says:

    Thanks a lot for you question,

    There are a least three companies you may think of to discuss this issue (PLLA chemical/physical recycling + composting):

    LooPLA: http://www.loopla.org/ (in Belgium)

    BioCor LLC and Plarco Inc. http://biocor.org/ (in the US)

    RE|PLA Cycle GmbH http://reclay-group.com/en/np/companies/repla-cycle-gmbh/about-repla-cycle-gmbh/ (in germany)

    Concerning composting, see european bioplastic association last release: http://en.european-bioplastics.org/blog/2012/02/21/composting-certification-network/

    Best regards,


  8. Anonymous says:


    I like to find out what are some of the niche opportunities in bioplastic industry for someone who wants to start a business with little capital.
    Kyle Larry

  9. Dear Bioplastic-Innovation Team,
    First of all let me convey to you my congratulations to your work to summarize so efficiently the results and happenings of the vivid bioplastic sector. Secondly please advise me where and how could I promote our services on your blog. KEMIA`s research team is providing biomonomers from triglycerides by a novel process by which limitless number of different tailor-made biomonomers can be achieved, according to the expectations and requests of the bioplastic producers. Thank you for your help. Best regards Dr. Laszlo Kondor, Managing Director of KEMIA GmbH, Vienna, Austria

  10. Dear Dr. Laszlo Kondor,

    first, let me apologize for the delay of my answer. I did not really have time last month to work on the blog.
    It would be a pleasure to plublish some news concerning your product. Please send your article my e-mail frederic.chivrac@gmail.com

    Thanks for your kind congratulations,
    Bioplastic-Innovation Team

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